BioGasol is a leading supplier of advanced sugar extraction systems

The Company’s Carbofrac® biomass fractionation technology makes it possible to unlock sugars from plant material, allowing efficient utilisation of Earth’s most abundant renewable resource for fuels, chemicals and materials. The Carbofrac® technology has been specifically developed for biochemical conversions and due to the precise process control high yields and excellent product quality is achieved.

BioGasol also operates the Pentocrobe® fermentation organism, which has the ability to convert all sugars into ethanol simultaneously at high temperatures.

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BioGasol’s innovative sugar extraction technologies are used for the production of biofuels and biochemicals in a wide range of process concepts, including in BioGasol’s proprietary FirstSugar™ process for the efficient and economic extraction and utilisation of sugars from wood pellet production. Find out more.

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The Carbofrac® series provide high yielding process systems for biomass sugar extraction. The Carbofrac® system is feedstock flexible, offers low total cost of ownership and is available at various throughput capacities. Find out more.

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BioGasol offers analytical services and consultancy, allowing its customers to benefit from its extensive experience and expertise in biomass conversion. The Company has provided engineering and feasibility analysis support for various projects around the world. Find out more.

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